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Equipped with Blockchain based Security and verified Hosting Providers, you get to experience the true power of decentralization.

Fast Speed &
Unlimited Bandwidth.

We offer speeds that match popular providers out there, allowing for a fast browsing experience.

IP Address Protection

Hide your IP address and location from websites and applications to keep your search history and downloads private.

Multiple Devices

Experience a swift and secure internet connection across multiple devices! Our starter plan allows connections with multiple devices.

NFT Subscriptions

Pay using cryptocurrencies and surf the internet securely - Anonymous Browsing without sacrificing speed or bandwidth had never been this easy.

From Challenge to Connectivity

Your Online Security with Our Web3-Powered VPN

Secure your online activity with our blockchain VPN app,
utilizing NFTs for robust privacy and decentralization.
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  • Unlimited Devices
  • 5 Regions
  • Each Subscription is rentable
  • 100% Decentralized
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1.11 APT / 3 months

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Get the Erebrus NFT

The team at Erebrus has created an innovative and easy way to purchase a VPN subscription. All you need is a wallet address with some APT!

Generate client config file

Once you have the Erebrus NFT, it will allow you to create VPN clients based on name, region and device - this will generate your VPN client config

Scan QR code or .conf

Once you've generated your config file for your VPN client, scan the QR code or add the .conf file with the WireGuard app to start using your VPN!

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VPN for ultimate internet security

Join us by running an erebrus node and start contributing to enable safe internet